Online Nursing

  1. I'm starting a bridge program in August 2014 LVN to RN and my lecture classes will be online and clinical and lab will be at a hospital and school lab. My question is for nurses who took classes online what was it like and how did you succeed, please give me some feed back also I work full-time so if you have any suggestion or advice please share.

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  4. by   Nibbles1
    I love online classes. YouTube is awesome for understanding medical DX or if you don't understand what the book is talking about. Good luck
  5. by   Pnwnurse39
    I am looking for a program like this where I can go a couple days a month for clinical, do you mind my asking what school this is?
  6. by   applesxoranges
    Online classes were usually harder. Professors graded tougher. I think it's harder to connect a face to a grade. Less items were dropped from our online classes and the instructor never emailed us.