Online Chem II for Rutgers?

  1. I'm planning on applying to Rutgers ABSN program next year and Chem II (w/ lab) seems like the only pre-requisite course I'll be missing by the end of spring term. Sadly, there isn't any school nearby that offers Chem II during summer and thus, the online class has become my only option.

    I've first looked into UNE General Chem II, but it cost like $1600+ with lab material! I was wondering if anyone has taken Chem II online that is affordable and is also accepted by nursing schools (hopefully Rutgers).

    I heard about Ocean County College and Oregon State University as well. Any thoughts?

    Any thoughts, comments, and advice will be appreciated!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Try or Not sure if they offer Chem II, but both schools have been popular with obtaining other pre-reqs like micro + lab.