Mississippi students enrolled in Excelsior

  1. Just wondering if there were any Mississippi students enrolled in Excelsior. I spoke with the MS Board of Nursing and they do accept Excelsior credit for education. Yea! I am seriously considering enrolling since there are no campuses close to me that offer weekend or evening classes.
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  3. by   imconcon
    I live in Mississippi and will probably start EC in January.
  4. by   prrprrmew
    I just applied this week and mailed in transcripts, etc. Hope to hear of acceptance soon. I should only have to take Nursing Concepts since I have most of the pre-reqs out of the way. Keep in touch along the way. Good luck!
  5. by   imconcon
    That is great. I am looking on ebay for some books to start studying. I only have eng comp 1 and 2 out of the way... so I need to take everything... Good luck to you!