Lynn's workshop in Charlotte, NC (April 1-2)...anyone here attending??

  1. I'm really wanting to sign up for this workshop. just waiting on a call from them to see if there is still space available!!! So excited! Was going to try to do without a workshop due to funds....but hey what can I say?!?! I'm a nervous wreck and need some I've been studying my critical elements like crazy but I only have a little over a month before my cpne.
    Anyone going? or has went and would like to share their experience (good or bad) and did u pass cpne 1st try?
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  3. by   HarryedwinII
    Lynns workshop was excellent! Everything she taught had a page number from the study guide to back it up. She answered all of our questions. We had the practice time but only a few people stayed. Practice is optional at her workshop. You don't have to stay for it. Most did not. I did and she was very helpful! Her workshop is worth all the money that you pay and then some! You can't go wrong.