LPN to RN online schools

  1. I have been an LPN for 13 years now, and have been thinking about going to school to get my RN, does anyone have any recommendations of online schools that would be go to bridge over? I work Monday-Friday 8-430, and I have to keep my full time job.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    There are no 100% online RN programs. There is always clinical involved. Depending on where you live, Excelsior and WGU have programs with online didactic plus in person clinicals.
  4. by   BSNbeDONE
    With Excelsior College, you wouldn't be allowed to complete the clinical component (which is actually a clinical examination, not you standard clinical learning experience), until you've completed ALL of the other course and/or examination requirements. Also, the required clinical examination has up to a 12-month waiting period after you've completed everything else. With your current work schedule, you would need to take that Friday off when the time comes, as this examination is a 3-day experience (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

    Did I mention that the clinical was an examination instead of a learning event? There is no instruction during this weekend. You will be given a study guide to help you prepare for that weekend exam, and after approval to test, you accept your exam date when you are ready. You will be tested on the areas assigned to you in an actual healthcare environment with actual patients, and should have prepared for this examination prior to reporting for the weekend.

    If you are searching for a program where there is actual clinical instruction, Excelsior College is not that program. However, Excelsior does offer resources, tools, and workshops to help you prepare for the exam.