Looking for an all online microbiology class!

  1. I may need to re-take microbiology and I will need to do it online as I cannot commit to 3-days a week (plus a lab).

    Any school suggestions? Do they even have online microbiology?

    any help would be appreciated!

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  3. by   caliotter3
    There are more than one school that offer micro online. Some have an online lab and some have you do a lab kit. There are probably also courses without the lab component at all. One of these schools that offers online micro is University of New England. It costs about $1200 give or take. Just do an internet search for "online microbiology course" and you should get several options to choose from.
  4. by   anr2017
    Portage learning offers an online microbiology class. I think it's around $780.