HI....wondering about LVN/RN online in Cali

  1. Just wanting to say hi to everyone.....and ask lots of questions....Is there anywhere in california that an LVN can bridge to an RN online?? I still need pysiology and micro. but there just has to be somewhere these can be taken online. And caifornia will not accepet Excelsior college anymore....I live in a small small rural community and there is'nt a college here. HELP
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site. Check out this list of approved RN programs for California. I don't know whether any of them offer a portion of the program via distance education, but you are correct that they no longer accept new enrollees of Excelsior.


    I'm moving your post to the Distance Learning/Independent Study Forum for more responses.
  4. by   nurse1717
    What part of California? Northern? Southern? I'm in Northern and can recommend some nursing programs in this area.