1. I'am an L.P.N. and at this time am enrolled in excelsior for my R.N. I'am in NCV I have past NC3 but I'am having a hard time passing NC1 if anyone out there can give be any info I wound truly appreciated it. Thanks.
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    Have you used the Excelsior online practice tests? It's $75 for 2 tests and I did one for each Nursing Concepts exam. I really recommend it. Really.
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    Thank you for your reply . I did the excelsior practice test for NC1, and failed the test. When I took it the 2nd time I didn't take the practice test and failed again. Now I have 120 days until I can take it again, and this time I really have to pass it. Do you by any chance have the 100 things to know for NC1 or know where I can get it, I"am really desperate to pass this test. Thanks