HELP excelsior Reproductive health & Fundamentals

  1. I'm stressing myself out and I haven't even entered the nursing program yet. So I ****** the petition by one day at my local community college so i'll have to wait to spring semester to be admited. In the meantime I want to get a jumpstart on my work so i'll have advance standing when I do enroll.

    First up will be Reproductive Health, Fundamentals of nursing and Management in nursing and I don't know where to start. I've searched a couple other forums and they were no help. I need help badly, so far the only two books I know i'll need are Saunder NCLEX review and Fundementals success.

    Are there any flashcards, study guides that I should review any resources at all before I attempt the practice exam?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I hope you are not expecting your school to give you advanced standing based upon Excelsior College exams. Very few schools give credit for these exams and you have to declare yourself to EC before they will allow you to sign up for the exams if you are not an EC student. Make certain you check with your school to find out if transferring these tests is possible.