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  1. Hi,
    I signed up with the college network and am ready to take my first exam, Life Span, but I dont understand where I take it at and was told to call two different places to schedule, First excelxiors states on their website to go thru them at a pearson vue center and then the college network states to call a sylvan center??? Whats up with that? cant get any straight answers.
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  3. by   Leo2
    pearson vue does all test for Excelsior now. go to pearson web site and set up a user account they will give you a password and user Id
  4. by   cmswitzer
    Excelsior now uses Pearson Vue Testing Centers....the change just happened.

    I'm a Senior Program Advisor with The College Network. You need to go to

    Select a testing center
    type in All exams
    then the next slot, highlight Excelsior College.

    Then, pick your state.

    if you have questions, let me know
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