HAPE and/or TPE

  1. Can anyone talk to me about thier experience with either of these
    two exams?

    Is anyone currently preparing for either of these and would like to share?

    FYI to clear confusion for those who will ask, "what is that?" These are Excelsior performance exams at the BSN level.

    Also would love the hear about any experiences with the MOP and PPE. Or to hear from anyone working on either of these.
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  3. by   CCATT
    I am also starting the RN to BSN at EC, and will soon be looking at taking the HAPE as well. Any advice on this exam?
  4. by   EricJRN
    I don't think it's offered anymore as an exam. Health Assessment and Promotion is now an online semester-long class taken via WebCT. The other performance requirements like the TAC and PSPR are also moving in this direction in the coming months.