Found TCN modules - worth getting?

  1. I found a few of the TCN modules for sale at a used book store. They were less han 10 bucks. Just wondering if they are worth getting. I have StudyGroup101 - just wondering if it would be good to get the others as another resource. Are they worth having? Opinions?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I bought used ones off ebay and found that studygroup101 notes were better. That is my opinion.
  4. by   little miss redpatch
    Ok, thanks! Appreciate it! That's good to know. I like StudyGroup101, so far.
  5. by   agldragonRN
    for 10 bucks? why not. i used sg101 and saunders for ls3 and failed the first time.
    second time, my friend let me borrow a college network nc6 book from 2006 and just used that alone and passed with a b.

    i loved sg101 guides and used them all for my exams but i didn't know what happened with ls3. i got too confident i guess and just skimmed the sg101 notes instead of actually reading it. :d