Excelsior Study buddy in AZ

  1. Looking for study buddies in AZ (Phoenix) who are Excelsior students.
    I study with another LPN but more the merrier is my motto. Especially as it gets closer to taking the CPNE. I figure we can all use more support there.
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  3. by   tlc365
    Hi I live near Phoenix in Wickenburg AZ and didn't know of anyone else in this program in my area, I would love to have a study buddy contact me via pm
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  4. by   Avelinne
    Click on to my name in the original post to send me a private e-mail with your info. I live in Avondale but maybe we can meet half-way and study. I have one other friend who is also in the Excelsior Nsg prg. who can join us. :spin: