Excelsior in NM

  1. Has anyone completed the Excelsior LPN to RN program in New Mexico? Or know if NM BON accepts the EC program?
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  3. by   In_Chantress
    Hey princie...
    I'm in Portales and have just completed my CPNE. NM BON does accept Excelsior. If you'd like, we can chat further... I'll give you whatever info I can.
  4. by   nurse2bethatsme
    Hi! Was wondering how you did with the CPNE? Congrats! I'm preparing to enroll in Excelsior and get the nursing concepts exams completed ASAP since the wait period is so long for the CPNE. Do you by chance have any books, study guides, you no longer need, let me know. I'm in Ruidoso, NM.

    Take care.

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  5. by   princie_lb
    Thanks for the help, I'll be getting in touch with you soon!
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  6. by   nmfiredawg
    I am planning on doing it also in NM. Doing mine from paramedic to RN. Interested in anything you guys can offer.