Excelsior for Core?

  1. Hello! I am graduating my LPN next month and have started researching Excelsior, buuuut I don't want to be limited about where I can work because of my schooling. So my idea is to take the core classes through Excelsior, then go to a traditional bridge program. Has anyone else done this? Would California suck it up and deal with it well?

    Thanks for any suggestions!
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  3. by   pedinurse05
    Do you mean core classes as in general education or nursing classes? Most generals through excelsior are done via clep or by those that attend a CC and transfer the credits in. If you take exams for generals at Excelsior some colleges wont accept them. Unfortunately, the nursing classes alone would not transfer into another college's nursing program. If you aren't interested in totally completing the program at Excelsior then you should just go to a traditional school.