Excelsior books, advice, etc,..

  1. I don't know alot of people that have been through the Excelsior program. But, what I've heard has been positive. I've applied and am currently enrolling . I have my ADn and am seeking my BSN through them. My question is this.. Can anyone offer any advice? Or a "cheap" way to buy the books? I'd love to talk to someone that is enrolled in or has completed this program. Or does anyone know of a Excelsior specific forum I could talk to other students and get advice from? Thanks!!!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    I checked some of them out from a medical library if it was a book that I wasn't interested in keeping long-term.

    Half.com is a good place to buy some cheap textbooks.
  4. by   susyn153
    Got a buncha guides and books for sale if you want or are interested.