does pa BON ACCEPT excelisor RN

  1. hi guys, i am at philadelphia and want to get my rn from "EC", does pa BON accept it? and where is the local test center of 'EC' thanks in advance
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  3. by   sls0703

    I graduated from Excelsior in January of 06 and took my boards for PA in Feb 2006. They are taking Excelsior graduates. I am also looking at going back to college for my bachelors in nursing either at York College or PSU online course and both schools accept Excelsior graduates as transfers. I am not sure about philly for the test sites...I took mine in Harrisburg. I did go online at and found that there is somewhere near philly called horsham. Also if you decide to go I know some websites that are helpful in studying for your exams.


  4. by   tulip29
    can any one tell me the websites you can study for the excislors exams needs to study for nsg 3 fail it was I also took it diff c
  5. by   tulip29
    I took my tests at slyvan learning center in the old city 2nd and walnut