creating mobile flashcards for blackberry and iphone

  1. I have purchased gwhiz pro for $9.99 from and am using it to study for my first nursing concepts class, you can apparently interchange flashcards for this app with though I am not sure how. There is a tutorial for using the application on youtube you can also share with the gwhiz community @ large. I figured this might be helpful for some of you who are like me and have to pack kids everywhere, which was why I chose to upgrade to a blackberry in the first place. I can pack all of my study material into my phone docs or mp3s and study on the go, this is just another way for me to save precious time I don't usually have. I am creating flashcards today for NC1 which I have thursday. Its the way I survived nursing school the first time. I think it was more the act of writing the study points for the flash cards than the actual flashcards that save me, but whatever works right? Its a cheap program that works with gmail docs. hope some of you find this helpful. I'll let you know if it works after Thursday. Wish me luck.
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