Congratulations are in order...

  1. Ladies and gentlemen... A round of applause for In Chantress, who passed her CPNE with flying colors in Amarillo! umpiron:
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  3. by   rigmedic
    Way to go girl!! Pass some of that good MoJo this way!
  4. by   Eager2bRN
    Congratulations!!!!!! That's the way to do it...with flying colors. Great job!!!:hatparty: :mortarboard:
  5. by   Mudwoman
  6. by   LucasRN
  7. by   In_Chantress
    Awwwwww shucks.... Thank you guys!
    I'll be happy to share any mojo
  8. by   CHATSDALE
    a well deserved pat on the back
  9. by   anticoagulationurse
    Yipeeeee for you! What a weight off. Congrats!!! The NCLEX will be a breeze after all you've been through
  10. by   nurse1717
    Yay!! You did it! Hope I do well in Madison! Again, great job!