Clovis College

  1. Anybody taken any classes through this college and how well do they transfer to other colleges? Any problems? How are the micro and statistics class if you have taken them. Any info I would appreciate!
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  3. by   wigglesgogo
    Hi, I am taking micro now. I have taken a&p thru them the classes were great. Micro I am still on the fence, for such a hard class they offer few points, it can be easy to fail. I am considering looking else where for this credit.
  4. by   alodocios
    took a&p 1&2 and sociology and they transferred. they are accredited so you shouldn't have a problem, they are cheap and anytime i find that i don't have the credits i need, i a going to them, i am looking for rn to bsn and if i dont have the prerequ's i am going to use them. i didn't know they had micro, is it with lab. i used excelsior test for micro but there was no lab credit so now i need a lab credit. I know the other sciences had lab.
  5. by   Prinalcious
    I am taking a&p 1 and chem right
    now, I am really struggling with both courses, but they are
    regionally accreted so transferring I don’t think that will be a