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  1. :angryfire anyone out there who has or is in the process of buying chancellor study material? have you check or ask prior to purchase how old the material is.
    I spoke with there office and was a :hatparty: dvised that they up date their material on a regular basis. anyone no differently? If so, could you pass this info on thanks.
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  3. by   mookiebear516c
    I Am Currently Using Chancellor's Study Guides They Come With Cassette Tapes. I Find Them To Be Very Informative. I Spoke With Them Also And They Told Me The Same Thing.
  4. by   cmcm
    If the study guide from EC doesn't change how can chancellor study guides be up dated their guides follow the EC guide very closley. And if you buy a used one chancellor loss money. I can only hope that who ever sells you a used one is up front and honest about what their are selling.