Can I do this?

  1. :uhoh21: Honest opinions needed please. I am very interested in Excelsior's program, but I am worried about the CPNE. It does seem very intimidating, as I have not worked in a few years and am quite rusty. The nursing exams in of themselves do not seem that intimidating, but the CPNE does. Can I have honest experiences and opinions from those who have gone through this program/ taken the CPNE?

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  3. by   MilitaryMedtoRN
    Your screen name states BSRN so I am not sure if you are an LPN, an RN or RN going for BSN. Anyways if u are an LPN, yes this program is doable. Excelsior college has study guides for each of the nursing exams. Follow what they state and you will be fine. Is this easy?...No...but with self disipline and consistent study you can do this. Do not worry about CPNE at this point because they also provide a study guide for that. Best of luck