Arizona CPNE test site

  1. I just wanted to start this thread so people can post any updates on the progress that is being made towards making the CPNE testing site in Arizona a reality. Last I heard from Excelsior, they were working on it but had no prognosis r/t detais such as the dates that it would be testing students or the date that they'd start to take applications. If anyone finds out any more information please post it here.
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  3. by   ready4cpne
    They told me that their proposal was rejected by the hospital so that they will not be having a test site in Arizona. That's a big loss for many on the West Coast.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Sorry to hear this. More money out for people on the west coast. And to think there used to be two sites in CA and one in AZ. Shows how Excelsior is deteriorating in stature across the nation.