Any Texans do the LVN to RN at Excelsior?

  1. If there are any Texans on board that did their LVN to RN thru Excelsior, I would love to hear about your experience!

    Were you working full time as an LVN while doing the classes?

    What about clinicals?

    I've heard horror stories about having to do the actual performance of skills in New York. How did that go for you? What skills were you required to demonstrate?

    Any other advice, info or tips you have would be appreciated!!!!
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  3. by   armypapi
    I am currently going through the program now. I have NC 5,6,7, a&p, and Micro plus the clinicals and I am done. I have gotten A's and B's on all of the exams to date but am dreading the clinicals. I have heard horror stories about it. I have also heard that if you do the critical elements you will pass.

  4. by   sarajasmine
    [FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"] I graduated from Excelsior in 1984 which was Regents College-USNY at the time. I worked as an LPN for 2 yrs while completing my degree. I would definitely do it the same way; very convenient. Lot's of test taking but, worth it!
  5. by   armypapi
    how was the care plan portion of the cpne? I haven't done them since school and am really worried.