Any other RN-BSN programs where pre-reqs dont have to be met until graduation??

  1. Anyone know of another program besides UNA where pre-reqs dont have to be done until graduation? Im looking for a one year program that allows me to enter and complete outside work. UNA may be my only option, but so far they are VERY informative and meet all my criteria.
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  3. by   snowyRN
    lol....funny because I am looking for the same thing and the only school I have found that is also inexpensive is UNA. Also try chamberlin school of nursing its a 1 yr prog but VERY expensive!
  4. by   KrysyRN
    what is the full name of the school? i am looking for an inexpensive RN to BSN or MSN program. thanks
  5. by   snowyRN
    University of North Alabama
  6. by   caliotter3
    That is nice. Wonder why they don't use prerequisite completion and GPA in admissions.