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    Quote from NHGN
    Yeah, you can totally see us from far away. Can you also see the hives and general skin irritation those blue scrubs have given us?!?
    Same problem has been happening in the UK where a roll out of new NHS uniforms has been going on. You may wish to research the matter via that information.
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    just saw this post and this makes so much sense!!!

    i had no idea about the new uniforms but, man, have you yale nurses been easy to spot this summer because of that color! i've seen you guys at bar (the restaurant), target, the mall and just generally all around town. i never noticed you guys, specifically, before but after seeing the first nurse in electric blue with a yale logo, i can see you all from blocks away.

    which brings me to another topic:
    kind of unsanitary...

    (no offense.)
    in the uk, various branches of the nhs system have been pushing nurses *not* to wear their uniforms when going to and from duty, but rather change upon arriving and before leaving their shifts. this is coming mainly as a response to patient and public complaints, especially in view of so many "superbug" outbreaks in hospital. or, at the very least wear some sort of outer garment covering their uniform when traveling, though one hardly thinks we shall see a huge return to nurse's capes as standard issue.:d

    uk nurses counter there hasn't been one confirmed instance of an infection traced to nurse's uniforms being worn when going to and fro. they also worry about the increased time of having to report for duty early (to change) and remain afterwards (the same). many also feel that if they are going to go through all that nonesense, uniforms should be left at hospital, collected and laundered (as most used to be anyway).

    on one hand you can kind of see some of their points. we all know one or two nurses who always roll into report late. now imagine if they have to stop and change clothing (along with perhaps fix/put on their face), do something with their hair........