World's oldest new mom dies, leaves twin toddlers

  1. MADRID (AP) -- A Spanish woman believed to have become the world's oldest new mother when she gave birth at 66 has died at 69, leaving behind twin toddlers, newspapers reported Wednesday.

    Maria del Carmen Bousada, who reportedly died Saturday, gave birth in December 2006 as a single mother after getting in vitro fertilization treatment at a clinic in Los Angeles.

    The births ignited a firestorm of debate over how old is too old for a new mother, and how much responsibility fertility clinics have over who gets treatments.

    Bousada told an interviewer she lied to the fertility clinic about her age, and maintained that because her mother had live

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    She lied to the fertility clinic staff about her age in order to fulfill her desire to become a single mother at an advanced age. Now her brother and children are left, following what seems to have been a long and trying illness. How sad.
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  3. by   ElvishDNP
    While I'm not categorically knocking modern fertility technology, there comes a point when common sense and good old-fashioned ethics should play a part as well.

    Not to speak ill of the deceased, but I thought then and continue to think now that her decision was a most selfish one.