Workers' Comp Changes Hurting Treatment, Medical Study Finds

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    Workers' Comp Changes Hurting Treatment, Medical Study Finds
    * Insurance carriers are interfering with cases by denying or underpaying claims, doctors contend...

    ... At a time when insurance companies are reaping big profits because of a drop in claims, the study says that they are underpaying or delaying claims payments to physicians and other healthcare providers.

    Of the doctors surveyed, 63% said they expected to cut back on how many workers' comp patients they treat or get out of the business altogether.

    "Doctors treating injured workers are locked in a system that is hostile to physicians and often harmful to the patients they serve," said Dr. Jack Lewin, the CMA's chief executive...

    ... The release of the report marks the medical association's first significant entry into the controversy over the fairness and effectiveness of the workers' compensation overhaul, which is seen as a signature achievement of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    The doctors telegraphed their concern in September by complaining that out-of-state, nonspecialist physicians are reviewing and often denying patient treatment plans...
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