Why a well paid nurse is a better nurse

  1. Incredibly thoughtful article!

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    Medscape registration is free and a very useful website.
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    Having been a nurse in Singapore, I fully understand and accept the huge amount of responsibilities that come with the job.

    But when I look at my payslip at the end of the day, I don't see enough gratitude from my organization by the measly amount I am being paid for putting my heart and soul into the care that I provide to my patients.

    This in turn affects my motivation to carry on staying in the organization. Because I think I deserve much better recognition in terms of salary reimbursment for all the effort I put in and the irregular shifts including strings of night duties (4 nights in one go) I have to put up with.

    I think every nurse deserves better.
    It is only justified to reap according to what you sow.
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    required registration to read.
    I have to put a little plug in for Medscape. They really do have excellent articles for nurses.

    Thanks for the link!