Who is Afraid of the Big, Bad Nurse? And Why? Prop 89

  1. Yesterday, Chamber of Commerce Prez Allan Zaremberg, who Arnold Schwarzenegger once referred to as "Moses" for leading him to power, charged at a Sacramento press conference that the California Nurses Association's real intention in passing Prop 89 is to silence the voice of big corporations in politics and to achieve universal health care. As Zaremberg put it, "to eliminate the ability of business to communicate with the voters."

    Forget for a moment that big industries being afraid of nurses may be one of the big selling points for Prop 89 with the public. Or the fact that the cash register politics of the Chamber and its biggest members are responsible for the great public outrages of the last decade from California's energy crisis, to the high price of health care to the sky-high price of gasoline.

    Full Article: http://www.californiaprogressreport...._afraid_o.html
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