Wal-Mart's Clarification On Health Care Leaves Room For Big Moves

  1. Wal-Mart's Clarification On Health Care Leaves Room For Big Moves

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  3. by   samirish
    Wal-Mart Plans Ambitious Expansion Into Medical Care

  4. by   wooh
    I can't even bring myself to click on those links. I'm way too scared...
  5. by   ®Nurse
    Retired greeters at the front door to the hospital saying "Welcome to Wally-World, your one stop source for all your health-care needs".

    Yellow smiley faces greet you as you enter the hospital, and the staff are all dressed in blue vests. There are no female nurse managers and the staff do not get to work enough hours to qualify for any insurance bennies.
  6. by   netglow
    Quote from wooh
    I can't even bring myself to click on those links. I'm way too scared...
    Ha Ha Wooh! I was thinking the same thing, while I scrolled down to see if anyone else actually was brave enuf.
  7. by   AgentBeast
    F it I read both of em. Sound to me like they are trying to expand the number of in store clinics they have.
  8. by   gettingbsn2msn
    We all know that Walmart has their hand in anything that can make a dollar. They got into banking a few years ago. I actually read that they eventually will have Walmart retirement villages someday. The Walmart store would be a type of town hall for the community. The retired could drive their golf cart to their town center and purchase all of their needs from Walmart. Actually their announcement does not suprise me. I also believe they will take it further than the minute clinics. Walmart knows there is money to be made in healthcare for those that do not qualify for medicare or medicaid. Think about it. It will be a cash transaction. Lots and lots of profit. Maybe we should all buy some stock in them.
  9. by   kcmylorn
    There are 45 million people in this country unemployed. God knows how many others who are under employed- as was pointed out either on another thread or in the news, maybe both, thier numbers are not counted because they are working. There are those unemployed who have stopped looking for jobs. Walmart knows who it's targeted buyers are- those who can not afford Neiman Marcus. Walmart may be a business- business/retail, so how is this any different from these healthcare CEO's who are currently employed by the big healthcare systems of this country? I think Walmart at least is more honest about it and will give it a good go. Who stands to loose- certainly not the people who can only afford to shop Walmart now. Walmart hascurrently, as it is pointed out, a Pharamcy in their stores, they have vision centers- patrons of these vison centers can get their eye exam, and glasses from walmart- My kids do, I've done it. Mollen immunization clinic give seasonal flu vaccines in walmarts- I've done them too- they are staffed by both LPN's and RN's( only licensed nurses). I think it's brilliant of walmart to recognize who shops their store but those of us who cannot afford Neiman Marcus and keep informed about the economic climate of this country, keep informed about the Health care reform bill, how Obama gave $122 billion to preventive and primary health care in the spring of 2010 and knows that is a spit in the bucket compared to the massive numbers in this country who are without healthcare insurance because they can not afford it but who are going to be needing a place to go for healthcare when the low cost insurance options become more broadly known and available. If Walmart can offer healthcare insuracne on an unemployment budget- Walmart has something there. An it's going to make the reining kings and queens of the healthcare industry look exactly like what they are- greedy, over inflated and over priced for the current economic climate. "Why didn't they think of that sooner" philosopy. The "why an I paying BCBS,amerihelth, united, cigna etc $2300/mo for my family coverge when I can get it at Walmart for WHAT price.?" Maybe then the mass joe public will wake up to how greedy and royally screwed they have been by their country"s healthcare sysytem. Who is going to be able to acommodate all these new found patients? - The small private practice down the road, government run clinics that aren't built yet and that are going to cost taxpayer dollars? hense raise taxes. I'm reserving judgment- If Walmart can offer me affordable health insurance( not $550/month for 20/80 and mucho out of pocket copays) and affordable healthcare- yearly visits, blood work,mammos, preventive med and wellness- and competent care of chronic disease should I develop one- Where do I sign up. One thing I don't want to see- is any large healthcare system horning in and screwing up the works like they have done so well in the hospitals.
  10. by   tewdles
    Seems to me that maybe Walmart employees might be big users of Walmart Health Care.
  11. by   samirish
    I read a similar article that stated Walmart said nurses were too expensive too hire. It went on to say they would have pa or Dnp on staff with med assistants .
  12. by   CPhT2RNstudent
    Create a need, then fill the need. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-...care-coverage/
  13. by   phoenixrn
    Oh my.... I REALLY wish I could find a good youtube clip of the hospital scene from the movie Idiocracy.

    (Hilarious movie.... rent it anyway, but ESPECIALLY for the Wal-martinized hospital scene!!!)
  14. by   azhiker96
    Just a few years ago the copay for a generic med I take was about $12/month. Then Walmart came out with their list of $4 generics. Now a couple of other stores in my area have followed suit and I can get my med for $4 at my favorite grocery store.

    If Walmart can figure out how to provide quality primary care services for a reasonable cost, others will either have to match it or find another line of business.