Valley Hospital Nurses Worry Contract Proposal Will Fall Short - Las Vegas

  1. RN's at Valley Hospital say they're not taking the new deal and they're not taking sub standard benefits. "The culinary workers here in town have a better health care package than the nurses through out this valley. Whether they're union or non-union, they just don't take care of nurses and that's why there's just no retention."

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  3. by   HazeK
    Last summer, Sunrise Hospital nurses were offered an adequate (you notice, I didn't say great or fabulous) contract within days of a full strike. The reason it came so close to a strike was the hospital's attitude of "we can always replace the nurses and the other staff, too." Currently, almost every nursing unit is either very understaffed OR depending on agency/traveler nurses for survival. It is quite obvious that Sunrise cannot find enough qualified staff to fill all the full-time positions!

    I am sure the administrators of Valley Hospital feel the same way: "Nurses and other hospital employees are replaceable" And, "in our current economy, we just couldn't possibly offer more money or benifits".

    It will be interesting to see what happens...and even more interesting, as there are new hospitals in town without a union...YET!

  4. by   ksrnstudent
    Several months ago I contacted various hospitals via e-mail in the Las Vegas area because I was interested in returning there after I was finished with my ADN degree in Kansas. I had great responses from all the hospitals EXCEPT the HCA facilities. I specifically inquired about the new HCA hospital. I eventually received an e-mail back from HR informing me that they would not be taking any new grad RNs for a year after they opened. They didn't even discuss nursing opportunities at their other facilities! I basically was told to try the other hospitals in the Vegas area. I was very put out by their attitude. When I read articles like this one about the HCA system, I hope the nurses do strike! I honestly believe they (nurses) at the HCA hospitals are not treated fairly. If they can treat an outsider like this, how do you think they are treating their employees? I say no thanks...I'll go to St. Rose or UMC.
  5. by   HazeK
    Quote from ksrnstudent
    Several months ago I contacted various hospitals in the Las Vegas area...I had great responses from all the hospitals EXCEPT the HCA facilities.
    May I apologize on behalf of my hospital's nurse recruiters. I am embarassed by their lack of appropriate response.