VA to Close 3 Hospitals

  1. The Veterans Affairs Department will close three hospitals in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Mississippi and build two new ones in Nevada and Florida as part of much-anticipated restructuring plan, The Associated Press has learned.
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  3. by   oramar
    Quote from brian
    The Veterans Affairs Department will close three hospitals in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Mississippi
    A lot of people have told me that the VA hospital they are closing in Pittsburgh is more of a LTC facility than a hospital (Veteran associations are protesting it's closure like crazy). Pittsburgh has a large and thriving VA acute care hospital and it is NOT the one being closed. Matter of fact they are pumping money for staff and equipment into it all the time. It has it's own transplant program that rivals UPMC's. The above is second hand info that I have heard here and there but since I have heard the same thing over and over I suspect it is true. Perhaps a Pittsburgh VA nurse will either clairify or enlarge on what I have said. PS In the past month my hospital has lost 4 nurses to the Pittsburg VA hospital. They are going there for the excellent benefits and I hear the pay ain't to bad either.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I worked at the VA in Indianapolis - and absolutely loved it!
  5. by   Blackcat99
    :angryfire They tried to close down the VA hospital in Walla Walla, WA too.But all the people fought them so they gave up. :hatparty:
  6. by   NursesRmofun
    [font=franklin gothic medium]going way back, i loved working as a cna in the va. never did any nursing in the va though.
  7. by   vaRN
    I do not know about other VA employees, but we have been aware that this was coming. Many VA Hospitals have very large campuses where a great deal of the space is not being utilized. They are concentrating much more on putting outpatient clinics in rural areas in our state. They are bringing the care to the patient, so the patient will not have to drive 2-3 hours for his or her clinic visit. From what we have been told, the vital acute care hospitals will remain. So if you are in a busy acute care VA, you should feel secure. My VA is the only acute care facility in the city so we are not worried. I do believe that many more facilities will be closing in the next few years. The VA is a great place to work, the benefits are great and the patient population is the best! I gotta love the VA, they are sending me to CRNA school!!!!!!
  8. by   RNPATL
    I also love the VA. My hospital is very small in Asheville and there does not seem to be any wasted space here. Every single inch is used for something here. We sure could use some of that spare space over here.