VA: Nurses rally at Capitol (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

  1. feb 8, 2007

    nurses rally at capitol
    kaine, other speakers say lack of space for students a key issue

    by tammie smith
    times-dispatch staff writer

    nursing students renee morris, christy newsome and melauren nguyen will graduate from j. sargeant reynolds community college in the next few months with jobs waiting for them....

    the students were among hundreds of nursing students and nurses in richmond yesterday for the virginia nurses association annual lobbying day at the state capitol. the nurses and students met in the morning at the richmond marriott and marched to the capitol grounds in the afternoon for a rally and to lobby legislators.

    a key issue facing the profession is making sure there is classroom space for students such as morris, newsome and nguyen, said speakers, who included gov. timothy m. kaine. the number of students who want to go to nursing school is outstripping the capacity of nursing programs. lack of nursing faculty, laboratory space, technology and clinical opportunities are some of the reasons.

    virginia nursing programs in 2003 turned away about 1,300 qualified students for lack of space,...
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