US nurses to demonstrate in Washington over patient ratios

  1. hundreds of nurses from across america are to march and rally in washington dc next week as part of a national day of action calling for a law guaranteeing a safe ratio of nurses to patients in hospitals....

    ...the event is to coincide with the introduction of a bill, sponsored by senator barbara boxer, which is modelled on an existing law in california....

    a national law would 'end the common hospital industry practice of overloading rns with too many patients, thereby depriving patients of adequate nursing care, a practice which prematurely ends the life of tens of thousands of american patients each year,' the cna said.
    the nurses, from the cna and its national arm, the national nurses organising committee, will first hold a morning conference, then march and rally at mid-day and will then go to capitol hill to advocate for the 'boxer bill'....
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    RN 'Super Union' Takes Next Step In Building Strong National Voice For Nurses With Focus On Organizing

    ...the three organizations will work together to cosponsor a national RN Day of Action in Washington, May 13, coinciding with National Nurses' Week, to emphasize RN ratios, RN representation, and comprehensive healthcare reform...
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    the event, dubbed the national rn day of action, brought together the leadership and members of the california nurses association/national nurses organizing committee, the afl-cio affiliated united american nurses and the massachusetts nurses association, which have an agreement to merge, as well as the service employees international union nurse alliance. the seiu and cna/nnoc, formerly bitter rivals, announced in march that they would work together....

    ...sen. barbara boxer (d-calif.), who announced she would introduce a bill addressing a host of the unions' priorities, including funding for nurse education, minimum nurse-to-patient ratios, whistle-blower protections and mentoring of new nurses....
  5. by   C-DIFF PHIL RN
    good for them....i wish they would march here in jackson mississippi for ratios. but i fear things here are like alot of places, "money talks and bull walks". i'm afraid the hospital association donates to much money to the right people for the state to start the end everything boils down to the dollar.
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    If I lived in Mississippi I would do as I did today here in my state.
    I would write my Senators and member of the House of Representative to ask them to support this bill.

    If one Mississippi legislator does so that will help it become our national legislation.
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    The bill is attached.
    Specifically, the bill would:
    • Establish specific nurse-to-patient ratios that will not only save lives and improve the quality of care but also encourage more nurses to enter and stay in the workforce, which could help ease the nursing shortage.
    • Provide whistleblower protections to protect the right of nurses to advocate for the safety of patients and report violations of minimum standards of care.
    • Create a standard for helping nurses to lift patients to prevent on-the-job injuries and promote better quality patient care.
    The bill also creates a Registered Nurse Workforce Initiative within the Health Resources and Services Administration that invests in the education of nurses and nursing faculty. The initiative provides grants for:
    • Nursing educational assistance and living stipends for nursing students who agree to work for at least three years for a safety-net health care provider.
    • Graduate educational assistance for registered nurses who commit to serve as nurse educators for at least five years at an accredited nursing program.
    • Training and mentorship demonstration projects.
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