'US government has no say in nursing exam policy'

  1. 'US government has no say in nursing exam policy'

    The United States government is in no position to convince a nursing commission to reverse its ruling against the issuance of Visa Screen certificates to Filipino nurses who passed the June 2006 leakage-tainted licensure examination.
    US embassy press attaché Matthew Lussenhop told The STAR that the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools or CGFNS, as a private institution, follows its own strict requirements for foreign nurses and is totally independent of the US government....

    ...Dr. Eufemia Octaviano, former head of the Board of Nursing, said that only 30 US states require foreign health workers, including Filipino nurses, to take the CGFNS examinations.
    She said that although the 20 other states do not require CGFNS exams, they want medical professionals who are products of foreign schools to go through the credential screening of CGFNS. She said Texas, New York, Florida and California are among the 20 states that don't require CGFNS exams....

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  3. by   PANurseRN1
    Pretty audacious for another country to make such demands.

    Maybe it's just me, but if I'd found out that there had been cheating going on when I took boards, I would want to retake them to prove to everyone that I was competent.