Update on Face Transplant Patient

  1. Connie Culp, the nation's first face transplant recipient, lost the middle of her face in the fall of 2004 when her husband shot her and then turned the gun on himself.

    He survived with minor injuries and is serving a seven year sentence in prison. Connie Culp, 40 at the time, lost her nose, one eye, her upper jaw and upper lip, palate and lower eyelids. She couldn't eat solid food, drink from a cup, smell or taste. She could only breathe through a hole cut into her throat.

    After nearly 30 surgeries at the Cleveland Clinic failed to help her, she became only the fourth person in the world to receive a face transplant.

    On Tuesday she showed the world her new face.

    Full Story and Video:
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Wow, those photos and the video are amazing.

  4. by   Penny8611
    Thank you so much for posting this.

    Happy tears here.
  5. by   shrimpchips

    thank you so much for posting this!
  6. by   FireStarterRN
    I'm really moved by this woman's story. Great video, thanks.
  7. by   nminodob
    One of the mot amazing things I have ever seen !! My heart really goes out to this woman, I am sure I could never be that brave.
  8. by   oncnursemsn
    Incredibly brave woman! Any idea where the face came from? We just had a face transplant here in Boston- the donor's family came forward and told his story. He was the son of a Holocaust survivor- and "That is just what he would do- he wanted to help others and give back to society." All of it is humbling and I wish the best for this courageous woman.
  9. by   hillarypeace2006
    I wonder why her husband only got seven years?
  10. by   Safe_Passage
    Amazing story...she deserves this transplant more than anybody who just wants to do it for vanity. Tears of joy for her....
  11. by   angelfaceLPN
    I would also wonder why the husband would only get seven years for that atrocity?!
  12. by   12hours
    Her laughter brings joy to my heart.
  13. by   Brian
    Wow, this is simply amazing. Kudos for health care workers and what a wonderful accomplishment of modern medicine. What a great video!
  14. by   angelfaceLPN
    It makes me want to cry because so many times people judge what people look like on the outside and never take into consideration the pain that they are causing someone. Not only do they make their judgments, they treat people like less of a person as a result. My mom was born without one of her arms and she was made fun of while she was growing up and she told us (her children) how hurtful it was and how we should never judge people for what they look like. To us she was normal and we didn't even ever notice that she had one arm. She could do everything just as well if not better than someone with two arms! I still can't believe that this lady's husband only got sentenced to seven years in prison for doing that to her.