Update --DE: Fourth nurse pleads guilty in SNF fraud case

  1. fourth nurse pleads guilty in fraud case
    [color=#6f6f6f]the news journal, de - 1 hour ago
    edwards and yarrington previously worked as compliance nurses for the state, evaluating nursing homes, the quality of care they provided and whether they ...

    filling in intials on snf documents when you know care is not provided is fraud. let this be a warning lesson to those in the ltc field. karen
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  3. by   lyceeboo
    Hmmmm...The NH owner denies knowing anything. but these 2 comments from former employees suggest otherwise.

    i worked for this group, greenacres health system is a joke. its not about care its about how much money they can make. this company has and all ways will try to get over.. they will do what ever they need to do to make more money trust me you will see this mess again in one of his buildings

    I am a "seasoned socialworker", and have many years of LTC experience.
    This particular ownership "needs" to make a profit...and when that stops, patient care suffers...in all ways. They should not be allowed to continue owning or running nursing homes...I have seen it first hand. If you have family in any of these homes, and there are several in at least 3 states, make sure you visit daily.

    btw - I'm not really sure how the nurses were being reimbursed for this fraud. I'll have to research this case further. Interesting.
  4. by   Simplepleasures
    Why am I not surprised? I guess the only thing I am surprised at is that they are being prosecuted. The nurses who were previously state examiners, well that just proves what I have been ranting about on this forum.Again I recomend reading Mary Richards Rollins' , RN BSN, book, "Pain Patients and Politics", an expose about the Wisconsin BQA (state examiners) and the corruption and ineptitude therein.I also pondered on another thread, what happens to theses nurses when they get in to a position of some power? Do they get corrupted by the management of these despicable LTC facilities, or do they get in a position of power because of this type of personality? I am not saying all management is corrupt, but I have seen way too much of this in the last 27 years in LTC. Also I agree it is dangerous to initial for things you have not done, no matter what pressure you are put under by the nursing management. Really disgusting. :icon_twisted:
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