Union Busters

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    the california nurses association/national nurses organizing committee, today sharply condemned a ruling by the bush administration's labor board that it said could deprive hundreds of thousands of registered nurses of their workplace protections and democratic rights. it could also endanger patient safety and create chaos in the nation's hospitals.

    in a ruling released today, the national labor relations board, now stacked with bush administration appointees hostile to unions and the rights of working people, declared that hospital rns across the country who exercise professional clinical judgment in the interests of patients are "supervisors" and thus ineligible to join unions.

    rns are the primary target of the case known as oakwood healthcare which involved efforts by a michigan hospital to block rns from union representation. affiliates of the american hospital association and the u.s. chamber of commerce initiated the case.

    the board ruled 3-2 to exclude "charge nurses" who perform clinical assignment from union rights - but the effects could go far beyond charge nurses. as two board members wrote in their dissent, the majority had created a "new class of workers under federal labor law" under which "may fall most professionals."

    this is extremely depressing to me. it seems that the bush administration just keeps doing whatever it wants and no one does anything about it. now he's signing bills about torture - what is next? we all know that charge nurses in the hospital are not managers. sure, they make patient assignments but they are not truly managers and do not hire or fire, write policies, or perform many other administrative duties. sad, very sad.
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  3. by   NurseyTee
    Absolutely depressing.
  4. by   West_Coast_Ken
    Quote from barbie90210
    it seems that the bush administration just keeps doing whatever it wants and no one does anything about it.
    we will have a chance in 4 weeks. it's called vote! go out and vote and bring your friends along, too. that's how they got in and that's how we can get them out!!!
  5. by   Joan1199
    It seems that everybody but nurses are determining our lives! Nurses need to get out and vote to change the do-nothing Congrress and this administration. We are losing our Rights everyday! It' time for nurses to bond together and make changes, so we can detemine ourr own lives!
  6. by   HARRN2b

    Its not just nurses. The Bush administration is doing everything it can to ruin the United States. I have been a lifelong republican and am ashamed of this administration. Everyone, needs to get out and vote. Of course, the Bush team is very wise, and realize that Americans have short term memory. Why do you think gas prices are down and the stock market is up. They play us like a fiddle.
  7. by   emsrn1970
    Please enlighten us on How the President of the US manipulates the world oil market? Also enlighten us how the the stock market being up is bad for anybody? Third what Republican has any union ever supported? If unions bash this President the what obligation does he have to any union?

    Quote from HARRN2b

    Its not just nurses. The Bush administration is doing everything it can to ruin the United States. I have been a lifelong republican and am ashamed of this administration. Everyone, needs to get out and vote. Of course, the Bush team is very wise, and realize that Americans have short term memory. Why do you think gas prices are down and the stock market is up. They play us like a fiddle.
  8. by   4nomark
    The obligation the President has is not to unions first but to the american people who make up those unions. No one including unions are bashing the President by telling the truth. The truth being that this administration has aggressively worked to destroy unions, by doing this Bush and big business know that the main catalyst for improving wages,working conditions, retirement and every other quality of life issues as they pertain to work will be eliminated. Now I know some people on this board feel that because they have a degree and are "Professionals" they would be able to walk into a company and "negotiate" a contract that they feel they deserved based on their own merits. Companies and HR managers love that arrogance/ignorance of employees who believe they can out wit, out negotiate people who spend every working hour looking at pension numbers,sick/leave,compensation and every other facet of employment as it pertains to finances. So by destroying unions we will all have to fend for ourselves any time we ask anything of our employers. Why does anyone think that Henry Ford went as far as having his Goons/Private police force beat and kill Union organizers, because he knew that a union would give popwer to that powerless assembly line worker, who in his ignorance only asked for an hourly wage and never considered retirement, vacation, med ins, etc. Unions set the prevaling benefit package for most middle class professions then non union companies know the yard stick they have to meet to keep their own employees. The stock market being up is bad for some working people because it says that even though middle class wages are stagnent,people still have to purchase goods. As the price of goods increase and wages stay the same,a higher percentage of workers paychecks must be used just to stay above water. Bush and his folks love this because they will also reap the benefit of stocks being up. As more middle class people fight to maintain their standard of living how much is left for investments after mortgage,ins,tuition,credit cards,child care,etc. I don't want to write a novel but why do you think Bush wanted to privatice social security, Millions of dollars would flow daily into the coffers of private Investment companies who are in cohoots with this Admin. How do we manipulate oil prices? We invade countries excaserbate present underlying conflicts,when that govermnet can not maintain it's infrastructure and oil production, we say theres a shortage of oil production and our refineneries don't have adequate supply to meet our consumption needs. Sorry for any misspellings I'm not a very good typist.
  9. by   grentea
    All politics aside, this [ticks] me off because I was FORCED to be charge nurse. The other RN on my shift has been out and no one pulled up to my floor can be shrage, nor can the LPNs. I never, ever wanted to be charge RN every single day because when I started doing that, I had only been our of school for four months. And obviously, it also [ticks] me off because a ruling like that makes absolutely no sense.

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  10. by   barbie90210
    4nomark you really hit the nail on the head with that excellent and informative post. I think if I were a charge nurse I would probably resign my position or refuse to take charge. The pay isn't that much more anyway and not worth the loss of Union representation. And of course, we all need to vote in November. umpiron:
  11. by   max1x
    Yes, 4nomark's post should be required reading for every nurse (and I've known lots of them) who think unions are bad for nursing beacause we are professionals.
    The nursing professors who taught me at Temple U here in Philly were very far to left politically; and they believed that nurses had every right to withhold their labor (i.e., go on strike) to get fair compensation. But that is another story.
    I would like to add that this tactic has been tried before. Some states have tried to bar nurses from unions on the grounds that we are professionals. The state courts have always ruled in favor of unionized nurses, since nurses don't negotiate their wages or bill directly for their services the way MDs and laywers do. With the republicans in control of gevernment however, it could be a different story this time. Schwarzenegger has been known to be against unionized nurses in CA.
  12. by   OC_An Khe
    Aa a matter of history Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan received wide spread Union support in their campaigns. Numerous Republicans have also received labor endorsements on a local level. It is true however that most labor support goes to democratic candidates. Also since the very conservative branch of the republican party has become dominant their core belief that unionism, socialism and communism are essentially the same and must be defeated/destroyed at every turn has prevailed. Would you support a candidate who main purpose is to make your beliefs illegal?
    The right to Unionize has been given through the force of law. Laws can be changed by the party that wins the most elections. ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES, to quote a prominent republican. So remember to vote.
  13. by   BSNtobe2009
    What is so scary about the Bush Administration, is Bush came extremely close to being the first veto-less President in US History..that much control, is what is ruining out country.

    This administration is very anti-union...but I suspect that in 10 to 20 years, unions will start coming back. Unions didn't start out because companies were generous with their benefits...a major corporation will work you to death and give you zero benefits if the law will allow them to.

    The top companies, Xerox, Pepsi, Starbucks..don't need unions b/c they consistently offer great work environments and offer great benefits with great pay.

    As long as nurses are abused by the hospitals in an effort to cut costs, the unions need to be protected.
  14. by   oneLoneNurse
    Agree with 4nomark. When the United Nurses of Alberta got a huge pay increase in the early 80s that sealed my future. Pierre had killed the patch and I needed somewhere to go. Nursing provided me with that. I for one tie my entrance into the nursing profession to the union contract because otherwise the field would never have attracted me. Sorry, I did not play nurse as a little one.

    Though, I read where nurses should care, this nurse sees the caring as part of the work and not something which should negate me from making the kind of salary that our skills entitle us to. Unions help us to make the money we need to stay in the profession.

    And yet after spending 22 years as a registered nurse I am maxed out.
    Frankly, though I do well enough, I know I don't make the money I would have if I had of stayed in the oil patch. However, on the other side of the coin I honestly like nursing: the patients, the staff and yes my managers.