UMass takes aim at nurses

  1. Negotiating session today

    WORCESTER-- Tired of taking what they saw as a battering in the public arena, officials at UMass Memorial Medical Center decided to fight back.

    The medical center, the biggest employer in Central Massachusetts, had been on the defensive against a relentless barrage from its unhappy and aggressive nurses union, which has been fighting the hospital's attempt to do away with its traditional pension plan.

    The nurses had picketed, marched on UMass Memorial President and CEO John O'Brien's office, and, finally, on Sept. 21, voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike.

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  3. by   StudentNurseSteph
    My med/surg clinical is at UMASS the university campus. I had heard today that they're planned day to strike is Oct 26 (also the first day of our clinical) lol however i think they are planning on sending us to UMass Memorial if they do go on strike..