UK: Report warns of widening workplace discrimination

  1. Employers increasingly are discriminating against workers on the grounds of genetic conditions that could make them ill in future or because they smoke or are overweight, according to a global report on equality at work.

    The influential study published in Geneva by the International Labour Office reveals that new forms of workplace discrimination are emerging, while traditional forms including gender, race and religion also persist around the globe.
    The report highlights how, in Europe in particular, genetic screening of employees has been used by some employers to establish whether they have a predisposition to a condition that could affect their capacity to work, such as Huntington's disease, a rare condition that causes nerve cells in the brain to waste away. Advances in genetics and related new technologies have made it easier for employers to obtain information on genetic status, with "important implications" for workplace discrimination, according to the study.,00.html
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  3. by   oramar
    And then there is the problem we have in US where people with previous existing conditions genetic and otherwise are prevented from getting health insurance. In Europe they at least have universal health insurance in which these conditions are covered.
  4. by   Mijourney
    People will do anything to marginalize one another. That is the nature of intolerance and hate and trying to get the upper hand. If the general populace didn't spend so much time infighting, we could focus on the real issues of greed and hoarding.

    I believe that recently nursing was deemed as the most ethical profession. Nurses, those willing, can set the example for righteous living and working. Many nurses have proven that we have within ourselves the "gene" to do the right thing.
  5. by   hajer
    in saudia arabia we have other kind of discermination ,,it is between nurses & patient ( patients usually want a forigener nurses to work with them insted of saudies )i dont know why but it happen every day in my work , & if we become aceppeted to deal with patients thats mean that this patient is male & he want to injoy not to be treated