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by AP, 07/18/2009 Two West Texas nurses have been indicted after filing an anonymous complaint about a doctor's practices with the Texas Medical Board, but the state agency says the women did... Read More

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    Diane 227:

    I'm with you, ma'am.

    Now wouldn't this "truth is stranger than fiction" saga, make a great program about nurses stretching their skills, responsibilities, and unique strengths? Not taking doctors on all the time (although there's certainly enough material about that.....), but the way illness becomes woven into peoples' lives, and what nurses do to increase their potential to handle their diseases intelligently.

    Something has to be done to improve patients' images, too. The other shows show them unconscious in the O.R., riddled by pain/ impending death, disturbed, and noncompliant. Thoughtful development of nursing care plans that include patients as members of their health care teams along with their positive families, would be appreciated and empowering (in a constructive, positive way), I would think.
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    Quote from multicollinearity
    Now what about their legal fees? Is there a fund we can contribute to? Or did they have some kind of coverage for the attorneys' fees?
    Seems to me I read somewhere that 40,000 was donated by the Texas Nurses Association. They may have been joined by other state Nursing Associations. A good reason to belong to the ANA!
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    Quote from efy2178
    Seems to me I read somewhere that 40,000 was donated by the Texas Nurses Association. They may have been joined by other state Nursing Associations. A good reason to belong to the ANA!
    When the nurses who were wrongfully charged, get their paid legal fees returned, they can return that to the TNA, so that it is held in reserve (a secure account earning nontaxable interest) for other nurses who are victims of unwarranted lawsuits.
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    rebecca m. patton, president of the american nurses association, called the verdict "a resounding win on behalf of patient safety."

    ms. patton said, "the message the jury sent is clear: the freedom for nurses to report a physician's unsafe medical practices is non-negotiable"

    i loved this; it's so true; as stated after the verdict came in innocent for our tx nurse, ms. mitchell!!!!
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    whistle-blowing texan gives nevada nurses hope

    a nurse with the guts to blow the whistle on a well-connected doctor was acquitted thursday on an absurd charge that never should have been filed. jurors took about an hour to toss this silly case.
    afterward, each juror hugged the nurse.
    although all this took place in west texas, nurses all over the nation followed the criminal case carefully, wondering if blowing the whistle on wrongdoing might send them to prison....

    ...nevada law, like texas law, requires nurses to report medical wrongdoing.
    "people do use regulatory boards as hammers and that's sad because that's not what we're here for," scott said. one example she cited was an ex-husband trying to get an ex-wife in trouble....

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    Texas doctor pleads guilty in retaliation case after 2 nurses reported him to state regulators

    LUBBOCK, Texas-A doctor who pleaded guilty Monday to retaliating against two nurses who reported him to state medical regulators will spend two months in jail and be on probation for five years....

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    And he's lost his license, something that should have happened a long time ago.
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    BEAUTIFUL!!! However I wonder what a nurse's sentence would have been if he/she had the opposite role in that sad drama...... Of course a nurse wouldn't have had the money, malice or chutzpah to do what the doctor did. What a creep. I hope the inmates jailed with him, give him a hard time (not inhumanely).

    It shows what can be accomplished when nurses act together, "all for one". Tell me now that the dues for membership in a nurses' associstionm isn't worth it!

    Have the nurses gotten their old jobs back, that they lost due to that doctor's bungling, larceny, and vindictiveness? When will hospitals/medical communities ever realize as we do, that it's the nurses that keep their facilities alive.... Many (not all) doctors' heads are so swollen with self importance, that they regularly trip over themselves.
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