Tri-City nurses embrace union, organizers say

  1. oceanside - union organizers announced yesterday that they have enough employee signatures to force tri-city healthcare district officials to recognize the hospital's first nurses union.

    if a third party verifies the effort by the california nurses association, tri-city will be the fifth major hospital in the county to have a union under the cna umbrella.

    "they want a voice like all the other nurses at palomar pomerado, ucsd, alvarado and (scripps) encinitas, and that is their right," tri-city nurse brenda ham said yesterday during a news conference at the hospital.

    of that group, palomar pomerado health, the university of california san diego and tri-city are public entities. they receive taxpayer money.

    tri-city nurses said they hoped the union would give them the ability to speak out without fear of retaliation, improve educational opportunities and fight for more competitive salaries and more equipment.

    tri-city board member larry schallock said he had not heard such complaints. nurse vicky van deerlin disagreed.

    "this place needs to be straightened out," she said.

    full story: tri-city nurses make move to unionize [north county times,ca]
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