Train more nurses

  1. [color=#888888]how complicated could it be to expand programs that have been shorted for years
    [color=#888888]it took 10 years, but to its credit, ucla plans to reopen its undergraduate nursing program to help meet a crippling shortage of nurses. uc irvine says it hopes to offer a similar program soon.

    hopes? soon? how about serious action, now. all the uc campuses should be helping to deal with this shortage, as should the state university system and the state's perennially starved community colleges.

    you have to wonder about a state educational system that provides a voluminous output of graduates in fields where there are few employment opportunities but can't seem to resolve an education shortage that threatens the stability of the state's health-care system.
    it isn't as though anyone should be surprised by the shortage. granted, california's heavy-handed mandate on staffing minimums for hospital nurses has worsened matters, and poor hospital management in years past made the nursing professional less attractive, to put it mildly, but whatever the reasons, the problem has been evident for years.

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