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From Money magazine as reported by, the top twenty highest paying jobs in the United States. Top five are dominated by physicans, and the only nurses to make the cut are CRNAs.... Read More

  1. by   MassED
    Quote from remifentanil
    Nope... Not a physician... and the physicians I work with work about the same number of hours a week I do...40.

    There is one nursing specialty on that list.
    I'm thinking, from your name, CRNA - why elude to what you do, just write it. I don't think there's hate out there for any profession, just wanting what is due to those professions that save lives, that actually do the hard work and put up with a lot in the process.... Education that continues to expand their knowledge base. Just would like to see some reflection in the salary for the knowledge requirements (specialty certs).
  2. by   MassED
    Quote from dreamon
    Don't some doctors work less hours? I know radiologists and dermatologists have been pitched as being popular with women who want to have family-friendly hours.
    dentists have pretty good hours too.
  3. by   GadgetRN71
    I don't hate CRNAS, mainly because they get crap too. Sure, they may make a lot. But there is lots of liability involved in that job.

    It all depends what's important to you in life...I like money just fine but so not interested in the doctor or CRNA lifestyle. Many have crappy personal lives..something has to give somewhere.

    I'm happy with what I make right now and the fact that I can still have a life. Give me enough where I can have some nice things and take a nice trip each year and I'm happy. It's like that saying " The problem with the Ratrace is even if you win, you're still a rat."