Too skinny for school

  1. Yale University Thinks I Have an Eating Disorder*|*Frances Chan

    This is from March. Would like to find out if this was resolved favorably for the student.

    I have serious issues with a school that would do this! Did they give similar forced care to those students deemed overweight? Threats of dismissal?
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  3. by   Episteme
    Yep. Seems like to me there is more to diagnosing an eating disorder than checking BMI. Is she still having her menstrual cycle? Does she compulsively exercise? Does she purge?

    I have heard (no expert) that when you have a genuine anorexic, actually a diagnosed one, who is in danger metabolically, then yes... into the hospital and no effort is spared to make sure they eat.

    This article sounds like quackery to me.
  4. by   AmyRN303
    I haven't been able to see if there is anything past the first of April (this is very local for me) but after she saw a physician who specialized in eating disorders (at Yale's "request") she was cleared and the mandatory weigh-ins were discontinued. This is offensive to me. I can understand the concern, as eating disorders are a big deal, but some people are naturally small, and if Yale had simply asked her to visit a RD in the first place, I believe this may not have happened. I'm from a bird boned little family which eats like a herd of horses. BMI in and of itself cannot diagnose an eating disorder, on either end of the weight spectrum.
  5. by   Delicate Flower
    This is, in principle, the exact same thing that is done to countless fat people every single day. The only difference is it doesn't make the news.

    It is no more right and no less wrong to discriminate against a skinny student for their weight/height ration (BMI) than it is a fat one.

    The saddest part is, they are forcing her to do things that have been shown to decrease health, ironically in an effort to force her to get healthier.

    Wait a minute! That sounds exactly like what happens when fat people are told to lose weight.

    One thing I've noticed is how easy it is for most people to accept that there are just some skinny people who are meant to be skinny and should not have to try to manipulate their body size, but the vast majority of people can't fathom that some fat people are just fat!
  6. by   Delicate Flower
    This is particularly interesting to me because I had an eating disorder (anorexia) while attending nursing school. I was about 85 pounds and a size 00. If anyone had been paying the least bit of attention to me, they would have known! We had to eat lunch together for many of our clinicals, and I ate plain lettuce or fat free yogurt which I froze and chipped away at with a spoon and took tiny bites because it took me 20 minutes to eat it that way. I NEVER would touch a cookie or snacks with a ten foot pole. If someone tried to get me to taste something, I always refused. Drank diet soda and black coffee like it was going out of style.

    I was there with a bunch of nursing studens, nurses and instructors, and no one ever said a word!

    In reference to the above post about getting an anorexic into a hospital and forcing food into them, I believe that would be a last, last ditch saving effort. Anorexia nervosa is a mental illness, not a physical problem with ingesting food, so to fix the problem you have to work with the mental illness.

    If someone would have forced food and calories into me when I was at that point, I would have probably stroked out from all the anxiety it would have caused. Not to mention I would have been in 4 point restraints and a mask because I would have kicked anyone's butt that came near me with calories.

    It's hard for me to even put into words, but when you are in that state, having food forced on you would feel like an assault of the worst kind.
  7. by   MrChicagoRN
    Heres a story from ABC
    Yale Student Frances Chan Says School Pressured Her to Gain Weight | Video - ABC News

    I do find it odd that the piece included no video, and no interview with the actual student.

    in any event, I hope everything works out for her.
  8. by   eCCU
    Huh. ...this sounds fishy there has to be more to the story...besides there are tons of women 5'2 and 90lbs I weighed that in college healthy lifestyle and marathon runner. I personally know a lot of asian colleagues that weigh that please lets hear the truth!