Three missing nurses rescued

  1. Three missing nurses rescued

    TAIPEI, Taiwan, The China Post Staff

    Three registered nurses reported missing since Tuesday were found aboard their jeep in a gully at Lishan yesterday.
    Rescue workers reached the nurses, all of them wounded, at 10 a.m. and took them to a Christian missionary hospital at nearby Puli.

    Liu Wan-ju, who drove the jeep her father had given him as a present two weeks before, was seriously wounded. Doctors at the hospital said the 23-year-old girl had a broken arm and suffered chest injuries.

    She could not move out from the jeep after she had ditched it into the gully. Nor could Ni Hui-ling, 23, and Li Pei-yu, 24.

    Both remained immobilized aboard the car with the driver. Ni sustained concussions and face injuries. Ni's injuries were slighter.

    No help came to the three former nurse school classmates until nearly four days after the accident.

    A farmer, whose water supply had been cut off, traced pipes to the gully and found the girls trapped in the jeep, who have survived on crackers and mineral water.

    The jeep careened off a mountain road, breaking the pipe that supplies the farming family with water.

    Ni told rescuers the driver, trying to avoid a head-on collision with a truck, got the jeep stuck on the roadside on their way to Lishan after they left the Chingjing Farm.

    "We left the dude ranch at noon (on Tuesday)," Ni said. All three had to report to duty on Wednesday. Though they live in Changhua, they work at hospitals in Yuanlin, Taichung and Ilan.

    They had planned to go back home right away, Ni said. Halfway on the road, before reaching a highway checking point, they changed their plan and decided to visit Lishan.

    "On the mountain road (to Lishan)," Ni went on, "we met the truck and Liu Wan-ju got the car stuck. She stepped on the gas to get the mired tires out X too fiercely."

    The jeep shot out of the road, plunging 40 meters down into the gully. She said Liu honked and honked and honked to call for help to no avail.

    "Fortunately," Ni said, "we bought a lot of crackers and mineral water at the 7-eleven store near the Chingjing Farm." The monitor camera showed them left at 11:50 a.m. The camera at the checkpoint did not catch them, because they changed their route.
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