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  1. if you've heard of the issue of water fluoridation already, perhaps you've been left with the impression that the "anti-fluoridationists" are a bunch of wacko conspiracy theorists. that's what i accepted as the truth for many years, until something moved me to click my mouse a few times and do a quick internet search on the matter. the wonder of the internet is that now a link will take you, in a couple seconds (if you have high speed acces that is) to the source of an assertion. the gist of it is that: "there is no need to swallow fluoride; that the fda has never approved any fluoride product designed to be ingested; that fluoride is the only chemical added to water that does not treat the water itself; that 98% of western europe has rejected water fluoridation; that the fluoride chemical used for fluoridation is an unprocessed industrial waste product; that most people are already receiving too much fluoride in their diets; that recent research has linked fluoride to serious health problems including arthritis, hip fracture, alzheimers disease, and cancer; and that readers can learn about the issue for themselves at"
    another good link:
    it is our responsibility as healthcare professionals to keep informed and not just repeat information handed down to us if it is patently false.
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  3. by   BradleyRN
    2004 is when i first began warning people on the dangers of fluoride, which is especially dangerous for children. All nurses are educators as well, so i find it surprising that this topic slipped by with no response 4 years ago, and is doing the same today. Why the apathy?
  4. by   ZenaBethune
    After 50 Years, Fluoride Supplements have Never been Approved by the FDA
    After filing a FOIA and waiting six months, I was stunned when I was advised by the FDA that...
    An interview with Dr A K Susheela fluoride poisoning of the soft tissues-English
    [url=""]An interview with Dr A K Susheela fluoride poisoning of the soft tissues-


    For pages of info on Fluoride go to these sites:
    # Fluoride Action Network
    # Keepers of the Well
    Happy INFO Hunting! Discovery of Truth is coming soon to your local water departments !
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  5. by   brownbook
    Please explain to me who or why someone is trying to harm all Americans with flouride? Do you think a drug company is making millions by selling flouride and doesn't care if we all die of cancer or get horrible skin rashes or Alzheimers? Honestly I want to know, is it that sinister US government or the evil American Dental Association?

    (PS this scare tactic has been around the block a few times, like over 50 years!!!!!)

    PPS I read on the Internet that is run by Canadians who are trying to learn all our nursing secrets and practices and take over American health care. If it is on the Internet it must be true, right?
  6. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from TiddlywinksMom
    If you've heard of the issue of water fluoridation already, perhaps you've been left with the impression that the "anti-fluoridationists" are a bunch of wacko conspiracy theorists.
    *** Yep, that's about right. Well actualy I think they are worse than that. What they are advocating is actually harmful. I certainly hope that no registered nurse would advocate aginst fluoridation of tap water.
  7. by   AgentBeast
    With the amount of water you would need to drink to get enough fluoride in you to kill you, you would die of water poisoning long before fluoride poisoning.
  8. by   ZenaBethune
    I have read so many explanations about Who decided to do this, and Why they did it , and how they experimented with the ingestion of fluoride first in 1945 in Grand Rapids , Michigan , my home state.

    So many say, well you can't believe everything you read on the internet! Well, just about everything you would find in a Newspaper, a Government site, e.g. FDA , EPA ,CDC, ADA, AMA, Medline, MSDS, Human Genome Sciences, many research papers, all of the Government bills are all on the internet for our viewing. And so we are not to believe these documents?
    I trust that what they post are the original documents. This is how I look at the internet. Its a huge library, I can google anything and find just about every thing I am interested in learning about.

    I have probably read 5,000 research papers from all of the above agencies, in the past year and a half.

    study it for yourself .......go google these sites
    The Fluoride Action Network
    EPA congressional meeting opposed to Water Fluoridation
    Infant fluoridated vitamins warnings.
    Dental Fluorosis
    Skeletal Fluorosis
    Chronology of Fluoride by Val Valarian
    Who's Tending the Water Well
    Jeff Green on Fluoridation
    You Tube : Colorado ranchers has 5 horses die from Water Fluoridation
    Dentist;s who oppose fluoridation Dr. Kennedy, and Dr. Osmunson on you tube, EPA testimony on you tube
    key in on the CDC site. Fluoride gels , vannishes etc.......doses are as high as 22,600ppm
    check out the fatal doses of from the EPA testimony at Fluoride Action Network
    1ppm-1mg. fatal dose is 3gms to do the math!

    I am going to get my own website, so when I do , I 'll have alot of info you can read ,but it will be copywrite too.
    I have learned through the years, two things that I discovered: one a cure or a help to a disease and the other a piece of durable medical equip item ......and I couldn't afford the patent's so I lost out on those royalties.
    Hence, I am not going to give out free hours of research , that I have done to help someone else write a book about it!
    If I want to write a book I do not want my ideas and conclusions to be stolen.....
    sorry it took me hours of research a day on this subject to make my own conclusions......

    take nursing love researching and love helping people!
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  9. by   ZenaBethune
    Broadening Public Awarness about Fluroide!
    Fluoride Action Network

    August 2010: The Green Party of Canada calls for ban on fluoridation chemicals- hexafluorosilicic acid and sodium silicofluoride. Note: in the US, these hazardous waste by-products are used in over 90% of drinking water fluoridation schemes.

    August 27, 2010: Bill Hirzy talks about fluoride in a New York Times interview:
    "William Hirzy, a former U.S. EPA chemist, has a favorite example when discussing the role of science in government policy: fluoride in drinking water... "

    Also, its not that it's just in our water, that is where it started! The toxic dose's are now in our foods from fertilizer's, medications,
    anesthesia's, infant formula's , and bottled water.
    Remember a infant and child's weight is much less than an adults, and our water is dosed for adults not children. get it!
    Fluoride water is dosed the same as the fluoride tablets!
    key in Dr. A.K. Susheela's video on you tube! To find out more on what it is doing to children and the elderly!
    It is a bio accumulative! Do the math!
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  10. by   AgentBeast
    When I fall over dead from fluoride poisoning you'll be the first to know.
  11. by   ZenaBethune
    LOL! Read this~! Mr 31 yr old ! I have been drinking it for 65 yrs! Wait til it dissolves your disc's in your neck called DDD.
    And you know the result of that? a severed spinal cord and paralysis! You will drop over suddenly when that happens!
    A friend of mine since high school, exposed to fluoridation as long as I have and a L.P.N./R.N. Was working nights in 2005.
    A doctor was working late and was sitting at the nurses station, writing orders. She stood up to go do something. And all of sudden
    her entire body from the neck down went numb and was tingling. She told the doctor what happened. He said don't move, stand there
    and I'll call the ambulance.
    Thank God he knew what had happened, and that he was there working late. She was sent out to the hospital, Uof Mi. and she had to have her neck fused that morning. She did not even know she had Osteoporosis or Cervical Degenerative Disc disease, it is a silent disease, unless you fracture something or the disc's dissolve and it puts pressure on the spinal cord..

    They told her she would probably never walk again...that she would be paralyzed, well she was lucky, the got her neck fused before it damaged the spinal cord and she walksnow and is doing fine.'
    But , they told her it could happen to other vertebrae as well! Any drug or neuorotoxin goes into every cell ...don't cha know.?

    So just keep drinking your fluoridated water and watch the "game begin", you might not come out a winner though.......

    I have the same condition....not something I look forward to....and my doctor has told me the same thing, watch for pain in the shoulder, tingling in the arms and numbness,in the arms, go immediately to the ER if it happens.
    My doctor knows the dangers of fluoride , and is opposed to it...and is very concerned about it........My other doctor has an allergy to
    Aspartame as I do too..which is another neurotoxin , I get Migraines from it , as he did , it converts to Methanol and Formaldehyde.
    He said to me that dang FDA why do they do things like this?
    Aspartame is in 6,000 of our foods and drinks and chewing gum, mints mayo, diet pops....causes brain damage too......Why should I have to avoid eating foods , label read , or be surprised with a migraine if I missed a product it is in and consumed it!
    Why should I have to protect myself? I
    Isn't that what the FDA,CDC doctors and dentists are to do ........Do NO HARM!
    If someone was allergy to peanuts would the government tell them too bad we are putting peanuts or peanut oil in every thing you eat and drink!

    Or as my sister says, I know why you are so adamant about it is because you have so many diseases from it.....but to me it doesn't make sense at all to put something like that in the water or foods.......its like someone went to the medicine cabinet and saw a tube of Preparation H , and said, wow if it works to shrink hemorrhoids if applied, I wonder if it work if we added it to their water!!!!!!!!
    She isn't a nurse and she gets it...she never took a chemistry course and she gets it ..or a pharmaceutical course and she gets it!

    You think its a joke! Or I am a wacko I know. but

    Read this!

    Fluoride: A Chronology of Fluoridation By Val Valerian

    One day you will discover what I warned you about when you were 31 yr's old.........remember that......
    Also, there are 4,000 medical and dental professionals worldwide who are working on getting you safer water , be grateful for once .
    We are on the frontlines for you.......hopefully you will be able to avoid the adverse affects.
    Join Fluoride Action Network.......or got to the website to learn more..I'm on mission and I love it!
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  12. by   perfectbluebuildings
    wow... I didn't think people still believed in the fluoride conspiracy.

    in other news, 100% of the people who ate carrots one hundred fifty years ago are dead!!

    this is the type of logic you must use to say that since all of these people drink fluoridated water (like virtually everyone else in the U.S.), it MUST have caused their degenerative disk disease and other problems.

    FYI- correlation does NOT equal causation.

    Also... many of the instances you cite above are of fluorine GAS poisoning. Not the same thing as fluoridated water at ALL.
  13. by   ZenaBethune
    from the front page of The Fluoride Action Network go to the site for more info......

    • Overviews of Fluoride Concerns:
    • 10 Facts about Fluoride
    • 50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation
    • The Absurdities of Fluoridation
    Over 260,000 views: Dr. Mercola's interview with Paul Connett (director of FAN): Warning: This Daily Habit is Damaging Your Bones, Brain, Kidneys, and Thyroid (July 1, 2010). is the #1 most visited natural health website. The very exciting and good news is that Dr. Mercola is committed to stopping fluoridation and helping activists in their campaigns. See entire video interview or read the transcript. The video interview is also available in 5 parts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

    July 20: Mercola: Villages in India show the U.S. just how dangerous fluoride in our water is...

    PROFESSIONALS' STATEMENT: 3,076 Medical, Scientific, and Environmental Professionals Sign Statement Calling for End to Fluoridation Worldwide

    September 9, 2010: U.S. signers (A-M - N-Z) and International signer:

    • 491 Nurses (RN, MSN, BSN, ARNP, APRN, LNC, RGON)
    • 441 DC's (Doctor of Chiropractic, includes M Chiro)
    • 401 PhD's - includes DSc (Doctor of Science); EdD (Doctor of Education); DrPH (Doctor of Public Health)
    • 342 MD's (includes MBBS)
    • 282 Dentists (DDS, DMD, BDS)
    • 134 ND's (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine)
    • 74 Lawyers (JD, LLB, Avvocato)
    Not listed above, but included, are: pharmacist, veterinarian, water treatment worker, etc.
  14. by   elkpark
    Break out the tinfoil hats, everyone ...

    I love how the really good conspiracy theories never die -- they just keep cycling back around every few decades.