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if you've heard of the issue of water fluoridation already, perhaps you've been left with the impression that the "anti-fluoridationists" are a bunch of wacko conspiracy theorists. that's what i... Read More

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    Where is the "beating a dead horse" smilie when you need it?
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    Quote from caroladybelle
    Where is the "beating a dead horse" smilie when you need it?
    Where is the camera so I can show the fluoridated bottled water in my kitchen?

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    The mass poisoning of humanity: an exploration of human stupidity
    The mass poisoning of humanity: an exploration of human stupidity
    And if you look at toxic chemicals, you have to start in the realm of dentistry, because in no other profession (save medicine) will you find the use of so many toxic chemicals that are deliberately prescribed to patients or injected into their bodies. We're talking about, of course, mercury fillings and fluoride dripped into the public water supplies.
    Dr. Poison Mercury, DDS
    Later, we had the lead issue with industrial companies like DuPont, which has an interesting history in the manufacture and distribution of lead.
    More poison from dentists: fluoride
    That's not the end of the toxicity in the world of dentistry, we also have dentists pushing for, get this, the dripping of a highly toxic chemical waste product into the water supply... a substance that's scraped off the smokestacks of industrial polluters. They want every person in the community to actually drink this substance.
    How to poison the entire population
    Again, we are the only species stupid enough to actually poison ourselves. And we do it in highly efficient ways. If you want to poison a population, there's no easier way than to drip a substance into the water supply. And if you really want to make sure everyone is poisoned, you would pass laws that mandate the dripping of this poison into the water supply (i.e. fluoridation laws). That would ensure that everybody gets some, whether it's an infant, an adult or a senior citizen. This is increasingly what is happening across the United States and around the world.
    Put more chemicals into the foods, please
    If you wanted to poison the entire population, but you were worried that not everyone drinks from the water supply, there is another way: just poison the food supply. This, too, is happening today, with food manufacturing practices and the FDA looking the other way on toxic food ingredients.

    Our population is being poisoned with artificial chemical sweeteners. Let's take a look at these. Aspartame is a sweetener that was never proven safe; in fact, the original safety recommendation panel at the FDA recommended that aspartame be denied approval as a safe food ingredient. It was none other than Donald Rumsfeld at the time who helped push aspartame through the FDA to get it legalized as a food additive.
    Now its in 6,000 of USA foods, drinks, and chewing gums $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Americans will gladly drink formaldehyde in can after can, poisoning their nervous systems, going half blind, experiencing epilepsy and increasing the onset of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease.
    Yummy poison: hydrogenated oils
    So, what else can the money-hungry corporations think of to put into the food or the water to poison America?
    How to poison the entire population
    Put more chemicals into the foods, please
    Want some chlorine in your food today?
    Yummy poison: hydrogenated oils
    Food manufactures don't care what happens to your health
    Guinea pig people-Voluntary chemical suicide
    They'll pay good money too, not just a few hundred dollars a month, but several thousand dollars a month. Some people will spend six figures a year poisoning their bodies because their doctor told them to do so. And, then when something goes wrong and they have a small tumor show up on a mammogram, or some other blood test comes back positive that indicates they may have some sort of cancer tumor, they will gladly pay another $100,000 or more in order to destroy their entire immune system with a treatment known as chemotherapy.
    Official, government-approved drug dealers
    We as a species actually have a class of professionals, highly-paid professionals, who we give the right to poison us with toxic chemicals.
    Yes this man is being very cynical in his article, but its still a warning that someone in our
    profession, the FDA the CDC the politicians and the big manufacturers are not thinking about our Health........but thinking how to create diseases , which they know darn well industrial waste neurotoxic chemicals they can profit on it.

    I never got into nursing to help destroy peoples health. Did you?
    And I do not like having to compromise my ethics, morals or professional knowledge and wisdom , just so someone can make profit! We are on the frontlines of what I thought was a healing profession.........and I want to know who are we fighting now in this war on health?
    Yes we get the end result of these toxins We do not feel the blame and nor should we.
    We didn't do this to people.
    But .......there are alot of companies out there who are responsibly for what has been done to the American People.........
    I want to be a part of this war against diseases, I want to be healthy, and not bombarded with all of these toxins in my food, water, air, soil, lakes , streams and rivers.
    We should want to be a Toxin Free that the polluters have left the country!
    And if they come back to provide jobs , then more stringent laws must be put into place.
    What will they do with Pollutants they produce? Because , I am not wanting any of them to be put into my body any longer.........
    We are not the designated Toxic waste dump-site for their stupidity and pocket books!
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    Quote from caroladybelle
    Where is the "beating a dead horse" smilie when you need it?

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    Get a hold of a copy of the book "The Slow Poisoning Of America" by John & Michelle Erb. It discusses many things that Americans ingest these days and their connection to illness, including MSG, aspirtame, and other artificial sweetners, and there is also a chapter on fluoride and fluoridation of water & toothpaste. Did you know that fluoride was originally used as rat poison? Aspirtame, the artificial sweetener used in many things including diet sodas, if left at room temp for a certain amount of time, breaks down into several basic components, one of which is formeldahyde. MSG has been proven to lead to food addiction, and food industry people are aware of this. Erb's book is very well researched and documented.

    I don't eat anything with MSG in it, I use Neem toothpaste, and if I use a non-sugar sweetener I use stevia, a natural sweetener that is from a South American bush and is actually sweeter tasting than sugar.
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    Don't forget about oxygen. It's very toxic. It causes premature aging through the production of free radicals, AND it's flammable. This is much much bigger than this business about fluoride. In fact, I think we should all become anaerobic, just to be on the safe side.
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    Why would anyone bother systemically treating cavities by drinking it to treat an orally topical problem (cavities are infections of the enamel)? How many people drink fluoridated water and swish it around? Also factor in that enamel is avascular, so drinking the fluoride doesn't really get to where it's suppose to....

    Anyone ever read the directions on toothpaste? It says use a pea-sized amount, and if it's swallowed, call poison control immediately.

    With so much hinging on water fluoridation, may be this is why US ranks worst in the industrial world in terms of health care....
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    But it says that on toothpaste without flouride, too! I'm gonna go swallow a teaspoon of toothpaste and see what happens.

    Flouride is used to prevent cavities, not treat them.

    Not seeing how flouride in the water causes so much to hing on our healthcare rating.

    Those healthcare ratings generally refer to access to the system. It's kind of strange that so many foreign dignitaries come to the US for treatment, don't you think?

    How does calcium get into bones?

    Have you done a thorough study on the toxic effects of iodine in salt? What does salt have to do with hypothyroidism, anyway?
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