The New Import: Mdr-tb

  1. Trust the CDC ?
    Congressional lawmakers call for official investigation....

    The New Import : MDR - TB :
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  3. by   EmmaG
    I'm really sorry, but an article that starts

    [FONT=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]Approximately forty years ago, diseases like chicken pox, measles, whooping cough, mumps, malaria--and tuberculosis--had been completely eradicated from North America.

    is full of crap
  4. by   EmmaG

    When the two periods were compared, the number of XDR-TB cases among foreign-born persons did not change substantially, but the percentage of XDR-TB cases among foreign-born persons increased from 39% (12 cases) in 1993--1999 to 76% (13 cases) in 2000--2006 as the number of XDR-TB cases among U.S.-born cases decreased (Table) . Among racial/ethnic populations, nine (28%) of 32 XDR-TB cases during 1993--1999 were reported among non-Hispanic blacks, decreasing to two (12%) of 17 cases during 2000--2006. Conversely, the number and percentage of cases among Asians increased from three (9%) during 1993--1999 to seven (41%) during 2000--2006.

    [note Hispanics compromise 29% of the total ]
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  5. by   sharona97
    I watched a documentary on PBS on this very subject last noc. Brad Pitt was the narrator.......
    It showed an American doctor belonging to an orginization bringing drugs from the US to this poorer country to help fight the Mdr-tb. What about our own population. The ironic point was that if he was stopped at the airport international customs all the medicine he hand carried (always) would immediately be thrown out, as it was against the law. Yes the CDC and the WHO were shown as travelling to remote areas of the world to immunize children in a defined approach. I am just amazed that :

    1: The pharmeceutical companies were supplying these meds for 3rd world companies. While there is a health care crisis here in the US.

    2: In spite of the goals to reach out and protect all nations from preventative disease, the CDC and the WHO are letting our own poulation in the US make their decisions as to vaccinate against the horror of these diseases.

    3: I see this effort fruitless in the scheme of what is to come.